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Which Animaniacs Character Are You? by Rinnaldo

Chicken Boo!
You don't like to show your true self. This is somewhat understandable, considering that when you do, people often try to kill you! Instead of being open and honest, you tend to wear "masks," disguising the "real you" from almost everyone. You sometimes give yourself away to others whom you feel are also outsiders, though. Inevitably, someone will realize you've been deceitful, and then it's time to move on again. You don't like to admit it, but in some ways you are a giant chicken.

Hogwart's House Test by Arhuaine

What Kind of Drug Addict Are You? from One Mile From Reality

How Does *Your* Sex Life Compare?

Your Sex Life's Very Active!
You have more sex than the rest,
But you're sex life isn't quite the best.
Most of the time you are getting laid -
You have sex so much, you should be paid.

Which Harry Potter Character Are You? at CookieWhore.Net

Books! It's all you think about!
You like to study and wants to be 'lil-miss-perfect'
Everybody knows you as a smart student...
But sometimes you could get annoying.