Chris Isaak @ The Pier

Hooray for me! Went on my yearly pilgrimage to see Chris Isaak at the AT&T Summer Nights At The Pier concert downtown last night. As usual, the concert rocked, and believe it or not, the Seattle weather almost cooperated!

Opening band was a new Warner Bros recording artist, Lizzie West. Not too bad, more interesting (and entertaining) than most of the other opening artists I've seen at the Pier. She was good (looked pretty damn hot, too), but not amazing.

Chris, on the other hand, kicked ass! Though I do honestly have one complaint - the show was very, very similar to the Pier concert last August - down to the patter between songs. Not that that's too surprising, since it was essentially a second tour for Always Got Tonight. Started out in a pastel blue suit covered in rhinestone globes. Very to see his mirrorball suit, of course, and the music was great - an even better mix of old, new, and some covers than last time.

If you ever have a chance to see this guy in concert, go. Go immediately. You'll love it.