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Update on my ICQ account

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Can't believe I didn't post anything about this for almost a week. Guess that's what happens when you're playing the World of Warcraft Stress Test every spare moment of your life.

Anyway, I finally got the guy who's been using my account on ICQ last Friday. He's Russian, and claims to speak no English at thanks to BabelFish I was able to engage in a conversation (if you can call it that). He claimed to have bought my account from someone (he wouldn't say who, of course), but was kind enough to offer to sell the account back to me for $30 USD. Of course, he would only accept payment through something called WebMoney, a system that I haven't heard of before - and not being one to relish the thought of sacrificing the entire contents of my bank account, I was hesitant.

But, thinking that maybe SOMEONE at ICQ might be interested in an account theft plus attempted identity theft (the guy had attempted to talk with some of my friends, but since he speaks such poor English, of course he failed miserably), I strung him along by telling him that I needed the weekend to try to create an account on WebMoney and try to get him the money.

Sent the entire log of the conversation (with translations) to ICQ on Friday -- both to the general Customer Service address, as well as a personal address that was provided to me previously by their Customer Service. And have yet to hear anything back.

So the guy's stolen my account, pretended to be me on at least one occasion, and is now extorting money from me to get my FREE ICQ number back. And ICQ will do nothing about it. Fuckers.