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Updated: D&D 4E Magic Item List

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Just a quick note that I've updated the Item List/Index that I put together awhile back.  Am now considering creating another index for Powers/Rituals as well.

The Item List is here...right-click and "Save Target".

D&D 4E Magic Item List

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So, my group of friends is still playing D&D 4E, and we're getting into the swing of things - last session I had to double the challenge to keep them from walking through a dungeon without so much as a scratch.  They're finally thinking tactically and not pretending to be playing their 3E characters anymore.

With the release of the Adventurer's Vault supplement, I wanted to have a quick reference for magic items by level and type.  So I put together an Excel file that lists all of the items in both the PHB and Adventurer's Vault supplement, with level and type information, and a reference to the specific page of the book their details are listed on.  Not sure if anyone else would find it handy, but I decided to link it to this entry, just in case.

Download the Excel file here...