The Death of My Internet Life

I've been thinking a bit about my Buddy Lists lately. Once upon a time, back when I was a lowly Guide on AOL, I used to have a BL that was hundreds of people long. And at least 20 of those people were always online at any given time. Now, my BL looks pretty pathetic - there's only about 30 people on there, and most of them are rarely online (or perhaps they've just blocked me for no apparent reason). Granted, I haven't really been a regular online chatter recently - life sometimes gets in the way of things like that. But still, I miss chatting it up during slow times here at work, or when I'm rebuilding something at home. Or hell, when I'm bored at any time. Oh well...I suppose that a Buddy List being depleted really isn't the worst thing that can happen to you. Maybe I'm just growing up....nah!

Anyway, if you read this blog and want to chat with me (for some godforsaken reason), my Yahoo! handle is sirsnarky, my AIM handle is SnarkyBoy, and my ICQ is 897161. Managing all these is pretty freaking simple with Trillian - if you use multiple IM systems, it's an invaluable tool!