Why a Weblog?

On one of the sites I frequent, there's been a recent backlash against "bloggers", and considering that I just set this one up last week, I started to question why I decided to do it. I'm not really a developer, so I don't have useful information on upcoming or existing projects to relate. I'm not famous, so I don't have throngs of people hanging on my every word. I'm an occasional writer, but I really don't feel comfortable sharing most of what I've written with complete strangers.

So why a blog for me?

It's not ego - I really couldn't care less if anyone in the world out there reads anything here. It's not pretension - my opinions are just that, opinions, and as such as as valid as anyone elses.

I guess what it really is is simply a way for me to keep something resembling a journal (something that I've tried off and on over the years and failed miserably at each time), and maybe the fact that it's somewhat public will keep me updating it. I'd hate for someone to wander over to my site, find the blog, and see that I haven't updated it in six months. That would suck - for them and for me.

So, for what it's worth, if you found this blog by happenstance or design, I hope you like what you find. It may not be earth-shattering or tought-provoking, but it is a reflection of me.