10-Year Reunion

Had my ten-year high school reunion last night. It was an incredibly surreal experience, as most of the people I talked to there agreed. While there were obviously people there that fell back into their high-school cliques, I was quite frankly amazed at the number of people who were friendly and talkative to anyone and everyone. I was so glad to see the insularity of high school has dissipated quite a bit over 10 years!

Honestly, when I decided to go (at the last minute for the discounted $75 rate!), I wasn't expecting a lot. In fact, I kinda figured I would spend an hour or two there, then head back to my hotel and fall asleep. Well, that didn't happen!! I actually wound up closing down not only the reunion, but also closed down a local bar (with people I never received a passing glance from in HS), and then sat at Shari's with some people that didn't go to the actual reunion.

So, for those of you who might be facing this soon - I'd say go for it. If you don't go, you never know what you might miss. And if you do go, you'll reconnect with someone, that much I can promise.