Pirates! ARRRRRRRR!!!

Okay, admittedly very few people will get that reference, but those who do will undoubtedly smile, perhaps even snort in amusement. My latest game addiction has become Sid Meier's Pirates. For those of you who are ancient gamers like myself, perhaps you can recall spending hour upon hour sailing the Spanish Main, taking out cargo and treasure ships by timing your taps to the space bar just so. You fondly recall turning your ship with the arrow keys to capture the wind in just the right way. You salivate when you think that you found a port where they're paying 25 gold for sugar.

Or perhaps that's just me.

But the God's honest truth is that someone out there in gaming land finally did something right in revising an old game. They kept the gameplay almost identical to the old version, added a storyline (though it's pretty thin, it does give you more to attain in the game), and gave the entire package a shiny new skin.

Absolutely, 100% gaming goodness at its best. If you played the original, you'll be instantly addicted to this newest version. If you never had the pleasure of playing the original, go pick it up - but be prepared to sacrifice a significant amount of your spare time to hunting Aztec cities, sacking Spanish capitals, and tracking down those elusive pirate rivals.