It's Official - "Revenge of the Sith"

According to reports from the San Diego ComiCon International this past weekend, Lucasarts has made the official announcement that Star Wars: Episode III will in fact be subtitled "Revenge of the Sith". Ack!

While it does tie in well with the sub for Episode VI: "Return of the Jedi", I find that only the most devoted fan can find the relationships between Eps I & II and Eps IV and VI:

"The Phantom Menace" v. "A New Hope"
"The Empire Strikes Back" v. "Attack of the Clones"
"Revenge of the Sith" v. "Return of the Jedi"

Rather than trying to tie them together in this haphazard form, "Rise of the Empire" would (in my not-so-humble opinion) have been a better choice. Then, we'd have:

"The Phantom Menace" -> "Attack of the Clones" -> "Rise of the Empire" -> "A New Hope" -> "The Empire Strikes Back" -> "Return of the Jedi"

I think that's a much better progression over the course of all the movies. But I'm just a fan...

Speaking of Episode III, there are rumors about a "twist" in the movie regarding Darth Sidious and Chancellor Palpatine...considering that everyone has been assuming that they are one and the same, I'm betting that they're not. Either Chancellor Palpatine is a clone of Sidious, or Sidious somehow takes over Palpatine's position. Either way, while it won't be at the level of "Luke, I am your father..." (immediately followed by a loud, whiny "Noooooooooo!"), it should be interesting, and might actualy redeem Lucas in the eyes of many fans, if he's able to pull it off.