Okay, I finally broke down and picked up an iPod last week, after Apple's announcement of the 4G units. I've been debating for months between the 20GB iPod and the 20GB Rio Karma, but with the price drop on the 20GB from $399 to $299, it was an offer I couldn't refuse.

Originally ordered it online last Monday, since I figured supplies might be short (Apple's been known to short-ship items in the past). By Wednesday, the order hadn't shipped, so I called the local Apple Store and found out they had them in stock. Quickly cancelled my online order (and sacrificed the free engraving - whoopie!!), and scooted over to the mall after work.

Only had it for less than a week, but I like it quite a bit. Have some issues working with iTunes, but they're pretty minor. Wish I had a good synchable calendar and contacts program - maybe Apple will export their contact/calendar programs to the PC next?

A little buyer's remorse set in late last week when I found out that the 40GB comes with its own dock (something i had to pay an extra $39 for with the 20GB), cutting the price difference between the two to only $60. If you have the choice, go with the 40GB - I also found out that my entire MP3 collection would fit on the 40GB (not sure what that says about my collection), but I don't really listen to it all at once, and I'm guessing there's probably 50% of the music there that I couldn't care any less about if I tried.